Waihi Falls, Hawke's Bay

Waihi Falls


Just a quick little entry of a great spot I went to a few days ago.

The other day the folks and I decided to head out East, through Dannevirke, to Waihi Falls. It was great to add new roads to my mental running inventory of explored roads. One takes the road out to Weber but turns off before reaching the place. As you drive along you get good views over the surrounding countryside and there are a few scenic reserves that offer good side trips. There’s a short section of gravel road to go along before you reach the car park.

A shelter to have some lunch and loos are provided, however these are up on the terrace. There’s a short 5 minute walk down a benched track which has some stairs over the steeper sections and then you’re hit with the awesome view of the Waihi Falls up close. The first thing that strikes you as impressive is just how flat the vertical argellite face is, and how flat the top of it is, making a rather impressive 90 degree angle.


I certainly couldn’t leave before dunking my head in one of the fall streams and afterwards I just had to have a dip. The pool beneath the falls is rather deep, I certainly couldn’t touch the bottom but it was great fun swimming up to the face. If you float on your back near the face and look up you’re in for a great visual display!

It’s a great spot for a Sunday drive.

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